Topsecret10's letter to Congress Re: Deportation

Topsecret10's letter to Congress Re: Deportation

Postby willworkforfood » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:38 am

Please copy and send this letter to your congress!

Re: the word D E P O R T


I was disappointed watching the September 7, 2011 debate because none of the Presidential candidates could bring themselves to say the word DEPORT when asked about what to do with the illegal aliens in our country after the border is secured. Some of the candidates even tried to avoid answering the question at all. Yes, we did notice.

Your handlers need to let you know that 6.8% of the electorate is Hispanic (of which the majority is Caucasian). Of that 6.8%, 38% vote R. To put it into real numbers based on 100 voters: 6.8 are Hispanic and 2.58 vote R. However, 70% of the American people want illegal immigration stopped. Unfortunately, only a handful of politicians will represent us because most politicians need campaign contributions from big business, who need to break federal labor laws. The American way of life is being held hostage by the assumption that the descendents of illegal aliens reject the rule of law.
In 2008, 125, 225,901 people voted. 8,515,361 were Hispanic and 3,235,837 voted R. If McCain received all of the Hispanic vote he still would have lost by 3,259,035 votes.
Hispanics are still mainly concentrated in certain areas and research shows they are not concerned with illegal immigration. 2012 will have a much lower turnout of Hispanics. This is the situation politicians have put this country in by not securing the border even 10 years after 9/11. This is probably our last chance to get our laws enforced or it won’t matter anymore.

While our Representatives have the good fortune of living in gated communities and travel by motorcade, the citizens of the United States are bombarded by daily news reports of the most heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens the night before.

Illegal immigration is affecting every part of our daily lives. It affects our schools, our transportation, our hospitals, our employment, our law enforcement, our taxes, our National debt and everything else you can think of, it is not a single issue. One thing that has become painfully obvious is that illegal aliens do not have to abide by any laws US citizens do. They break 8 to 10 laws a day with full impunity.

Illegal aliens have no fear of ever being deported from our country. They have a better chance of getting hit by lightening than getting deported. I checked. It should have no bearing on how long they were able to get away with breaking our laws or their proximity to the border. If they are caught at the border, they are deported. If they are 20 miles inside the border, they are virtually “home free”. Illegal aliens know this.

For over the past 30 years “our representatives” have allowed to let as many illegal aliens in our country as they could to the point now that none of you can say the word DEPORT.

We couldn’t even get a fee imposed on remittances (money sent “home”) by “our representatives” because they promised not to raise taxes. Since when are illegal aliens constituents? Illegal aliens sent 69 BILLION dollars home in 2008 never to be seen again. At the same time US citizens “invested” 113 BILLION dollars for their care.
That’s a $200 BILLION charge PER YEAR. This theft of taxpayer money by fraud would be considered grand larceny. The IRS would never put up with it. The situation has become beyond ridiculous now.

After we gave amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens in 1986, (two thirds of which used fraudulent documents) we are here today bowing down to people who routinely break the law everyday, better known as criminals. Thanks to our government, Texas and California are now lost. So, when our government legalizes over 30 million illegal aliens, you can forget about the Republican party ever holding any part of our government. Houston is just a few short years away from becoming North Mexico City. What do you suppose will happen when large cities throughout the country become majority foreign born from lawless countries?

If you want my vote and money this is what you will need to say at the next debate.

After the entire border is secured,

• All illegal aliens will either be DEPORTED or they will self DEPORT by attrition because there will be nowhere for them to work, they will not be on public assistance of any kind and they will have no means to travel legally. The law must be applied equally. A work permit is not a reward for those who were able to break our laws the longest without detection. They need to return home and get behind all the people trying to come here legally.
• Entering illegally or overstaying visas in our country will be a criminal felony.
• English will be the official language of the United States.
• The welfare, IRS, SSA, law enforcement, visa, driver's license, car tags, medicaid, voter registration, public housing, ITINs, patient and ICE databases will be linked and crosschecked to identify who is here illegally. It will be made available to local law enforcement.
• The IRS will be absolutely forbidden to give refunds to illegal aliens; just like they did when they found out prisoners were collecting tax refunds.
• The number of non-refunded tax returns and unclaimed SSA accounts should be public information.
• Require the IRS and SSA to alert US taxpayers when their SSN is used.
• All US taxpayer funded public assistance will stop to illegal aliens and their US born children under the age of 18 immediately. Welfare and other public assistance is for people who cannot get a job, not for people not old enough to get a job.
• Immediately begin exit visa tracking. Require Airlines to report all outbound flight no shows that have not been rebooked. Then enter info into the databases.
• Detain illegal aliens until trial. Illegal aliens are a flight risk. 80% do not show up for court.
• Implement a fast track trial for illegal aliens and escort them to the airport. Illegal aliens are a flight risk. The majority of those ordered to deport, guess what, break the law again by ignoring deportation orders. The US does not have any follow up removal enforcement.
• Mandatory jail for re-entries once, not 10 times.
• All employers will be required to use e-verify on all employees. No-match letters sent out and businesses knowingly hiring illegal aliens will be committing a criminal felony subject to fines with mandatory jail time. Foreign worker employment reported to ICE databases.
• Renting and writing mortgages to illegal aliens will be a criminal felony subject to fines with mandatory jail time.
• Immediately deem all birth certificates null and void like they did in Puerto Rico last year. From now on any activity requiring a birth certificate will have to make an electronic inquiry to the respective vital statistics department, including renewing driver’s licenses.
• Eliminate automatic birthright citizenship. We are the last country to have this.
• Make it mandatory for ICE to release to law enforcement the illegal alien records of the people that they have released back into our communities.
• Make the Federal Gov. financially liable to families and victims of crime by illegal aliens they have released into our communities by ICE.
• Require schools to count illegal aliens and the children of illegal aliens, require the data to be available to US taxpayers.
• End chain migration.
• End Visa lottery.
• Don’t even think about letting illegal aliens collect social security when they return home (totalization).
• Any employee, official or appointee of DHS found relaxing existing laws will be replaced.
• Lastly, there will be no amnesty. Code words for amnesty: pathway to citizenship and immigration reform.

The only thing illegal aliens will be able to do is attend K-12 and an emergency room.

Why the “hard stance” on illegal immigration? Because over 30 years ago our government gave 2.7 million people amnesty, promised us border security, promised it would be the last amnesty, told us they would never be a public charge and interior enforcement has been almost non-existent . We now have at least 30 million illegal aliens here and; 60 million illegal aliens and their children in our country 30 years from now will be too many for us to pay for.

Do not underestimate how important this issue is to Americans in 2012. If you refuse to say that all illegal aliens will have to be deported, then I don’t think there will be any reason to vote in the next election. If this country will become a socialist nation in 10 years or so, might as well let it happen.

Do you have the courage to say the word DEPORT? If you want the nomination, I suggest you find it.

"Deportation is Job Creation"
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Re: Topsecret10's letter to Congress Re: Deportation

Postby willworkforfood » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:41 am

This letter had over 2000 views on the corner before Wes pulled it, that doesn't seem like a lot but we are talking about a small forum and it was really starting to take flight. Unless TS sent 2000 copies himself! :lol:
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Re: Topsecret10's letter to Congress Re: Deportation

Postby topsecret10 » Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:10 pm

Thanks WWFF and HOPS ..... I hope that people are still using It! I know I will be using It again here real soon ;)
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